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Recognizing our Rising Star

This month, we’re putting the spotlight on our very own Heather MacKenzie Thorne. Heather was recently awarded the 2019 Rising Star Award by the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce. She is very involved with Waterville’s business community, currently serving in these roles: 2nd Vice Chair on the Mid-Maine Chamber Board of Directors Chair of the Chamber’s..

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Young Professionals Need Life Insurance

    It’s September 2020, the year of the global pandemic that came to be known as COVID19. The entire country shut down. When the shut down began people were losing their jobs and no one could go anywhere, not even essential places like doctors and dental offices unless it was a true emergency. Entire..

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It’s time to get financially literate

JUNE 2020 — When I tell others that I’m a financial advisor, one of the most common reactions is: “Oh, all that money and investing stuff is so abstract to me.” And I see where they’re coming from. More and more of us get paid, pay bills, and save for retirement electronically, and it happens..

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