January 05, 2009

Very Merry Holiday Season! Many thanks to all KVConnecters who showed their support for our local community by donating items and money for some of the members of the two families we adopted from the Family Violence Project. You will be happy to know you made Christmas truly magical for Tatiana and Matthew and Christine, Gage and Billy. Tatiana wrote to us saying: "Matthew and I are so grateful for your kindness of all the special gifts you have shared with us. I have been through so many things and appreciate the though and goodness that comes to my son and I at this time our lives. Our blessings and goodness are generously given to those who have spread this cheer our way. This project has given us hope and someday I hope I will be on the other end to give forward to others someday. Bless you again! Thank you so much - Love Tatiana & Matthew" Christine wrote: "This really helped me a lot. Thank you - Christine, Gage & Billy" Congratulations KVConnecters to a job well done!

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